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International ballistic standards are created to reflect the most common types of ballistic threat present in the specific geographic region.  For example, certain clients may only require light armored vehicles to protect against handguns and submachine guns (smaller caliber firearms), while others may require heavier armoring for their vehicle rated to defeat high powered rifle and machine gun ammunition.

The most commonly used standards are the CEN and NIJ Ballistic Standards:

European Normalization Standard (CEN) - Europe & Middle East

cen ballistic standards

L - Armor Piercing
CB - Coned Bullet
FJ - Full Metal Jacket Bullet
FN - Flat Nose
HC1 - Steel Hard Core Mass
Mass 3.7 ±0.1g HRC 63+
PB - Pointed Bullet
RN - Round Nose
SC - Soft Core (Lead)
SCP1 - Soft Core (Lead & Steel Penetrator SS109)
1) Full Steel Jacket Plated
2) Full Steel Jacket
*Twisted Length 178mm ±10mm
**Twisted Length 254mm ±10mm

National Institution of Justice (NIJ) - North America

nij ballistic standards

AP – Armor Piercing
FMJ – Full Metal Jacket
LRHV – Long Rifle Velocity
JSP – Jacketed Soft Point
RN – Round Nose
SWC – Semi-Wadcutter



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