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Questions Answers
Q 1. How long have you been manufacturing armored vehicles and how many vehicles have you built over the years? IAG has been developing and manufacturing armored vehicles for over 15 years, and we have built thousands of service-proven armored vehicles during that time.

Q 2. Do you manufacture bullet proof cars? A. The most common misperception about armored cars is that they are bullet proof, which is incorrect. No armored car can be categorized as bullet proof, since all ballistic material available are rated to defeat ballistic threats within specific parameters in accordance with various international ballistic standards.

Q 3. Can you provide us with a bomb/IED proof vehicle? A. No vehicle can be made bomb/IED proof – not even a tank. Usually for low profile, up-armored commercial vehicles, the blast protection offered is described in terms of number of hand grenades or some particular small road side bombs. For APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers) it is usually described in terms of quantity (in Kilograms etc) of TNT or any equivalent explosive charge.

Q 4. Do you have any industry qualifications or certifications? A. As a manufacturer of armored vehicles,  IAG certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 guidelines for quality management.  Each IAG armored vehicle will be delivered with ballistic material certificates for both the armored glass and steel.  In addition, complete vehicle certification will be provided for BRV 2009 VR7 specification armored vehicles.

Q 5. How do you ensure that the quality level of your vehicles remains consistent? A. IAG has invested in a multitude of testing equipment to ensure that all the components used meet our stringent quality standards.  IAG has passed all of the mandatory audits and inspections in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 guidelines for quality management.

Q 6. What is the B6 level? A. B6 armoring is a level of protection specified in the CEN ballistic guidelines (European Normalization).  It specifies that the material can defeat multiple 7.62x51mm assault rifle rounds.

Q 7. Can you provide us a vehicle in B6+? A. B6+ is not a internationally recognized ballistic standard.  IAG sometimes refers to B6+ level of protection to indicate that the B6+ vehicle is equipped with 6.5mm ballistic steel instead of the 6mm used on B6 vehicles, thus offering superior protection.

 Q 8. What is the difference between B6 and B7?  A. According to the CEN ballistic standards, materials rated at the B6 and B7 level can both defeat multiple 7.62x51mm rifle rounds, but they are rated for different types of ammunition.   B7 level armoring can defeat armor piercing 7.62x51mm ammunition that are designed to penetrate armor whereas B6 level armoring cannot.  In addition, B7 armoring can defeat 7.62x54R ammunition used in weapons such as the Dragunov SVD rifle and PKM/PKP  machine guns.

Q 9. Do we need to provide you with the base vehicle or can you buy it for us and armor it A. IAG can accomodate both arrangements. If we have armored vehicles that meet the client's requriements in stock, we can prepare for delivery of the vehicles immediately.  However, if we don’t have the specifc model in stock, either we or the client can procure the base vehicle. Our sole objective is to provide the client with the best possible solution.
Q 10. Can you provide the armored vehicle(s) anywhere in the world? A. IAG can deliver vehicles to practically worldwide through our partnership with various logistic service providers.  Depending on your area of operation, IAG will ship the vehicles to a location that is most convenient for you.

 Q 11. Do you provide spare parts for armored cars as well as un-armored ones?  Are you able to service vehicles internationally? A. IAG provides after sales services to all its clients.  In addition to the warranty service that is standard to all IAG vehicles, we also provide various repair and maintenance services for our clients.

Q 12. Do you provide Left hand drive vehicles as well as Right hand drive vehicles?
A. Depending on the area of operation, the armored vehicle may be required to be based on either LHD or RHD vehicles in order to conform with the local traffic regulations.  IAG can armor either LHD or RHD platforms to the client's exact specifications.

Q 13. What armored vehicle categories do you offer? A. IAG provides customized high end armoring solutions for VIP Protection, Luxury & Operational SUVs &cars, Troop Carriers, Pickups & Trucks, APC’s  and  the CIT market.  Please see our product range for more details.

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