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The following links are very useful for those interested in learning more about armored cars, armored trucks, and other armored vehicles.

1) is a very informative website, most suitable for those looking to learn more about the basic workings of any vehicle.

2) Every month, we publish two articles concerning the armored vehicle industry,  one geared towards public sector and one geared towards the private sector. You can find our public profile here:

i) --> regularly publishes news about the public and military sectors. Our articles are found on the top right of the page.

ii) --> regularly publishes news about the private security sectors. Our articles are found at the bottom of the page.

3) Blast protection and blast resistance versus ballistic resistance - Common terms such as "EN Level B6 protection" and "NIJ level III protection" reflect a vehicle's ballistic protection levels and is not related to the level of blast protection or blast resistance. Read our article here to learn more.

4) Close Protection and Surveillance Forum

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