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In line with IAG’s mission to offer the best armored passenger cabin, IAG has incorporated state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Laser Cutting and Bending machines in its production facility under the direct supervision of our Engineering & Design department. 

Laser precision cutting and CNC bending ensure that each component of the armored vehicle is custom designed and cut in accordance with leading industry standards.  Having the ability to cut and bend all of the integral components of the passenger cabin in-house, allows IAG to guarantee the vehicle armor components meet our quality standards and desired specifications in order to provide our clients with the best armored vehicle in its class. 

We utilize the TruLaser flat sheet laser cutter from TRUMPF which increases the speed, versatility and precision of our production process with technology such as rapid changeovers and setup features, and is compatible with advanced automation.

Using the new TruBend Series from TRUMPF, enables us to handle long, thick metal sheets and achieve long bends even with tight angles.  This capability is essential for bending the various components of the armored vehicle.

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