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Quality control is paramount at International Armored Group. IAG is ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management by the British Standards Institute.

IAG has undertaken efforts to lead the industry in our quality control. We have invested in multitudes of different testing equipment in order to continually verify that components meet our stringent quality standards.

The process starts with our materials. At IAG, we use only the highest quality pre-certified ballistic steel plates. While these are certified at the manufacturer level, these also undergo additional independent laboratory ballistic testing. In addition, all steel is randomly spot checked for hardness to ensure that the pieces meet the required standards for our designs.

Ballistic glass used also utilizes the latest technology in production to offer the best protection in the industry. All glass undergoes strict inspection at the facility to ensure clarity and fit meet all IAG criteria.

Suspension components undergo rigorous live dynamometer testing to ensure lifetimes meet expected usage. This unique advantage also allows IAG technicians to ensure performance parameters match the exact requirements of each vehicle design.

In-process inspections guarantee that at every stage IAG's high level of quality is maintained consistently through each vehicle. There are individual in-process inspections during 5 predetermined manufacturing stages. The final inspection ensures the complete vehicle meets the highest IAG standards. Every vehicle also undergoes a drive test to ensure great performance and handling as promised by IAG.

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