IAG is the first armoring company in the world to produce ballistic glass in-house under the name Transparent Armor Systems, allowing the armor design to be fully vertically integrated and optimized for the highest level of protection. Ballistic glass panels from third party glass manufacturers are typically made from a standard set of molds based on the size and curvature of the OEM glass. While this helps maintain a low profile look, the armor design may become compromised, as the vehicle’s steel design must be built around the glass, limiting flexibility.

The ability to produce fully certified ballistic glass in-house allows IAG to reduce the typical 6-8 week lead time for ballistic glass from third party manufacturers and deliver armored vehicles a lot quicker. Additionally, any fitment issues are eliminated by having IAG design and produce both the transparent and the opaque armor for each vehicle ensuring perfect balance between discrete appearance and optimal protection.

In addition to the vast range of ballistic glass for vehicles, IAG also manufactures and provides various ballistic glass solutions for architectural, building and constructive needs like that used in office buildings, airports, banks, jewelry stores, weapons test ranges and so on. Our products are fully certified to international standards such as STANAG, NIJ, EN and UL.

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