International Armored Group only uses certified ballistic glass in our armored vehicle production.  All glass installed in our vehicles is made by our wholly-owned subsidiary Transparent Armor Systems.  The certification process involves sending each glass combination/sample to an internationally recognized ballistic testing laboratory where it can be tested in accordance with the desired standard.   The standard usually sets out the type of ammunition, shot pattern, speed of bullet and distance from target. Please see Ballistic Standards for a list of the most popular standards applicable to armored vehicles.

Once a certain glass combination has successfully passed the ballistic laboratory test, it gets certified and all future glass combinations made the exact same way carry this certificate.  However, IAG likes to take the testing process further and conduct “real life” scenario tests where shots are not fired in a certain pattern, at a certain distance and speed as per the standards.  Rather, we try to simulate real life situations and see how well the ballistic glass will perform.