International Armored Group is a quality conscious armored vehicle manufacturer with over 30 years of experience specializing in the fields of design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of armored commercial and tactical vehicles; armored components; and ballistic glass and framing systems, with locations in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Turkiye and Bulgaria.  We have grown substantially over the years and have become one of the most technologically advanced armored vehicle manufacturers in the world.

IAG’s engineering department has over 60 years of combined experience in design and manufacturing of armored vehicles. Our state-of-the-art production facilities allow the teams of highly skilled engineers and technicians to convert any vehicle platform into a fully re-engineered protective vehicle. These include VIP Protection, Luxury & Operational SUVs and cars, Police and Law Enforcement, Pickups & Trucks, Ambulances, Tactical and Armored Personnel Carriers, Anti-Riot vehicles and Cash-in-Transit vehicles.

Thousands of vehicles currently bear the IAG logo and operate in some of the most hostile environments in the world. Each vehicle is a testament to the class leading quality that IAG’s clients have come to expect over the years. Our past and current clients include the US Military, NATO, and various government and non-government organizations.

Our exclusive Smartarmor™ technology featured on our entire product portfolio has a proven track record in defeating a wide range of ballistic and blast attacks. Every vehicle we sell is backed by our warranty because we are confident that our products are of the utmost quality and reliability.

We have offices located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Turkiye and Bulgaria providing services to our clients worldwide around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Company History


  • Lays down foundation of IAG in Canada
  • Total employees: 2
  • Vehicles manufactured : Cash In Transit Vehicles

1998 - 2000

  • Enters luxury armored vehicles market
  • Increases work force to 50 employees
  • Introduces Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Laser Cutting and Bending technologies

2001 - 2005

  • Increases work force to 100 employees
  • Establishes IAG UAE
  • Opens 600 sq. m manufacturing facility in RAK Free Zone
  • Vehicles Manufactured: Civilian Armored Vehicles
  • Enters into the Luxury Armored Vehicle Segment - BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Lexus platforms

2006 - 2009

  • Expands into a 6000 sq. m manufacturing facility
  • Starts fully owned subsidiary Armored Vehicles Manufacturing (AVM) introducing Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Laser Cutting and Bending technologies in-house
  • Enters into the Military and Tactical Vehicles Segment, leading to the creation of Titan, JAWS, Guardian and Sentinel APCs.
  • Opens Canadian Sales & Marketing office with focus on capturing government tenders and RFPs

2010 - 2011

  • Achieves complete vehicle certification in Germany under VPAM BRV 2009 VR7 for Toyota Land Cruiser Convoy
  • Opens USA manufacturing facility with focus on law enforcement and government markets
  • Enters into the armored passenger transport segment manufacturing armored buses and vans
  • Introduces the first custom built armored bus – the IAG Armadillo

2012 - 2014

  • Establishes fully owned subsidiary Transparent Armor Systems (TAS) manufacturing ballistic glass and frame systems
  • Opens UK office
  • Opens Turkey manufacturing facility
  • Enters into the Anti-Riot trucks segment
  • A major breakthrough in IAG’s history, achieves record sales of 1500 armored vehicles in one year

2015 - 2017

  • Inaugurates Phase 1 of new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the UAE with combined production area of 35,000 sq. m including glass and laser cutting facilities
  • Designs and manufactures first LHD to RHD conversion in-house
  • Expands operations at the Turkey facility in response to growing demand in the region
  • Introduces first 6x6 APC

2018 - 2019

  • Achieves successful completion of STANAG Level 2A, 2B and 3A blast certification on the Guardian Xtreme MRAP
  • Achieves successful completion of STANAG Level 2A blast certification on the VR7 certified Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Convoy
  • USA facility awarded GSA Contract Holder status
  • Opens Bulgaria manufacturing facility with focus on the EU market

2020 – 2021

  • IAG’s Sentinel ARV proudly becomes part of NASA’s escorting convoy for its astronauts
  • Introduces the Rila 8x8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • Achieves successful completion of STANAG Level 3 for ballistic protection and Level 4A and 4B blast protection on the Rila Xtreme MRAP
  • Becomes first company to achieve complete vehicle certification under VPAM BRV VR7 ballistic certification, and various blast certifications as per VPAM ERV standards on the Toyota Land Cruiser 300

2022 – Present

  • Acquires 1,000,000 sq.ft of land in the EU and begins construction of its largest manufacturing facility