In addition to replacing the OEM shocks, springs, struts, leafs and/or bushings with stronger, engineered-for-purpose heavy duty components, International Armored Group has also developed a progressive suspension system that helps evenly distribute the weight of the armored vehicle over many components to ensure the system never fails.


We work with the best suspension component manufacturers in the world to create custom  systems for all our armored vehicles that are designed and engineered in-house by our Engineering team.  These systems are custom made based on IAG’s specifications and are not available to other manufacturers.  The suspension engineering process takes into account IAG’s specific vehicle weights and distribution and are designed to work perfectly for our applications only.  This process ensures the driving capabilities and handling of the armored vehicle are optimized and also elevates the stress of dealing with separate suppliers for replacement and warranty purposes.

Additionally, IAG installs completely upgraded axle assemblies or reinforces the vehicle axles to cope with the added armor weight.  Advanced stress testing analysis software is used to examine every axle and make reinforcements as necessary in order to meet the vehicle’s expected payload and operating environment.