Wheels and tires are another vital component forming the complete armored vehicle package.  Both the wheels and tires need to be able to cope with the added weight of the armor plus passengers and payload.   If not chosen correctly, the rims can crack and tires puncture or even explode form the added weight.  Steel and aluminum rims are available depending on the necessary payload requirement, some have also been tested and certified to stop ballistic threats.


In addition to the rims, tires need to be upgraded as necessary to meet the required capacities.  When choosing the correct tire there are several factors that need to be considered.  Tread pattern – is important depending on the area of operation. PSI – the higher the PSI, the higher the payload capacity.  PLY – the number of layers that comprise the tire construction, the more the layers the stronger the tire.  Speed rating – due to the weight, armored vehicles’ speed is limited so the rating is not as important as the other factors.  Manufacture date – ensure the tires are manufactured in the same year as the vehicle. In general, we recommend selecting tires from well known manufacturers as they tend to be higher quality and perform better.