Purchasing an armored vehicle is the first step towards providing safety and protection. However, operating an armored vehicle is very different than operating a soft skin vehicle. Due to the added weight of the armor the center of gravity has shifted affecting the vehicle dynamics. As such, it is highly recommended that operators complete an armored vehicle driver training course to ensure proper service, maintenance, operation and handling of the asset.

International Armored Group is able to offer driver training for its line of armored vehicles from SUVs to Armored Personnel Carriers. We offer different modules including vehicle maintenance and service, defensive driving, self-recovery, off-road driving, principles of vehicle security, ambush recognition factors and ambush tactics, reaction time and evasive maneuvers, dynamics of an armored vehicle and convoy movement. Courses can be tailored to each specific client and mission and can be delivered at one of IAG’s training facilities or at the clients’ location. Please contact us for more information.