International Armored Group invests more in every armored vehicle manufactured by us, in order to ensure a properly constructed and well-protected vehicle which will provide unmatched handling and performance and require minimal service and maintenance outlay over the life of the vehicle. By taking these additional investments in properly designing and upgrading each vehicle manufactured by us, we ensure that the useful life of the armored vehicle has been optimized and extended and down time has been minimized.

Similar to all vehicles on the road, armored vehicles also require regular maintenance to help prolong the vehicle’s life expectancy. Every vehicle sold by us comes with a recommended maintenance and service schedule to assist the clients in properly taking care of their vehicles. Additionally, we offer fast moving spare parts kits to allow servicing of our vehicles in remote areas where access to parts and mechanic facilities is limited.

International Armored Group has several authorized maintenance and repair facilities around the world. These facilities have been inspected and approved by IAG as fully qualified to offer repairs and serving of our vehicles without voiding their warranty. Some of the countries that we offer full vehicle maintenance and service are UAE, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kenya, Nigeria, South Sudan, Botswana, South Africa, Ghana, Mali, Turkey, Bulgaria, Canada, USA. International Armored Group also offers extended maintenance and service contracts as an option for clients looking for peace of mind.