International Armored Group operates three manufacturing facilities worldwide located in the United States, United Arab Emirates and Turkiye.  Each facility focuses on different geographical market segments.  With combined 600,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space, IAG is able to produce up to 250 armored vehicles per month.

In 2015, IAG expanded its UAE facility to 400,000 sq.ft to include a large production area including fabrication, painting and upholstery; a dedicated R&D center for vehicle and component engineering; ambulance conversions; ballistic glass production; vehicle testing and training; and a fully sheltered stock area for up to 600 vehicles.

IAG’s core competency is the ability to manufacture as many of the armored vehicle components in-house.  IAG has adopted a vertical integration approach so it can control and manage its supply chain more strictly and efficiently.

Computer Numerical Control Technologies

State-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are found in all our production facilities. These include CNC laser cutters, bending machines, milling machines and a 5-axis machine. What sets our company apart isn't just the ownership of the machines but our ability to program and utilize the machines' capabilities in order to create armor designs that provide the highest level or protection and the best fit and finish. With an average tolerance of +/- 0.002', all armoring components are perfectly integrated ensuring an ideal fit.

Custom Fabrication

Our dedicated teams of highly skilled fabricators and upholsterers are able to custom fabricate a wide range of vehicle specific features and accessories. Some of these include custom built highly durable door panels for any vehicle model, heavy duty steel roof racks, rear and side door steps, roll cages, quick release spare tire mechanisms, a wide variety of seats, interior ambient lighting and much more.

LHD to RHD Conversions

Some vehicle platforms such as Ford are only available in LHD configuration. This limits the possible chassis available for purchase and use in RHD countries. IAG has successfully converted LHD Ford chassis to RHD while retaining all OEM features and appointments. With Ford F550 being one of the most popular platforms that IAG offers for our Guardian and Sentinel Tactical vehicles, we are now able to offer these APCs in RHD versions as well.

4x4 to 6x6 Conversions

IAG's design and engineering capabilities are not limited to vehicles armoring only. Our highly experienced R&D team has made enormous breakthroughs in suspension design and drivetrain modifications. Our most recent accomplishment is the successful 4x4 to 6x6 conversion of a Ford chassis used for the Guardian APC and Sentinel TRV. In the 6x6 configuration, the chassis becomes much more capable of traversing over difficult off-road terrain. No one in the industry has been able to achieve this conversion to date.

Ambulance Conversions

Due to the rising number of hostile zones in remote areas overseas, the need for an armored vehicle that can provide on-site medical care has tremendously increased. In a situation when seconds and minutes matter, teams are not always able to safely transport wounded personnel to a hospital. As such, an armored ambulance becomes a vital asset in saving lives. Following the same philosophy of vertically integrating, IAG is able to design and equip in-house full medical ambulances to any specification and meeting all international standards.