Independent Armored Car Operators Association

Founded in 1971, the Independent Armored Car Operators Association (IACOA) is an association of privately owned armored car companies, establishing high standards of operation and insurance in the United States as well as around the world.  These companies, while independent and sometimes in competition with one another, work together within IACOA on education, legislative issues, transportation, and technological advances to ensure their customers receive the best service available.

The Cash In Transit Industry is relatively small in size but looms large in the safe and efficient movement of wealth. Billions of dollars each day are transported, processed, and secured throughout the United States and the world by members. Without this secure and reliable service, financial markets would grind to a halt.

IACOA enables IAG to be part of a relatively small network of private armored vehicle operators in the USA and assist with creating better protected vehicles for clients operating in the cash-in-transit industry.