COVID-19 Ambulances

International Armored Group is dedicating resources and working around the clock with our team of experts to help create essential solutions in supporting first responders, healthcare and front-line workers around the world during the pandemic. We are utilizing our vehicle and ambulance design expertise to re-design and manufacture specially modified COVID-19 Ambulances that would help protect the lives of front-line workers as they work tirelessly to treat others.

The IAG COVID-19 Ambulances have been customized to include special medical equipment for COVID-19 such as portable ventilator and suction units, patient isolation pods, automatic resuscitator system with extra oxygen supply tanks, advanced vitals’ monitor units, defibrillators, built-in disinfecting system and ample personal protective equipment (PPE) with extra storage. These ambulances also have the rear patient section of the vehicle sealed off to keep the drivers safe from exposure, as well as other specialty features to help deal with highly infectious diseases.

The COVID-19 Ambulances are available on various vehicle chassis in both LHD and RHD such as Ford F550, Ford Transit, GMC Savana, Chevy Express, Toyota Hiace, Toyota Land Cruiser 78, 200, Nissan Urvan, Mercedes Sprinter and more. These specialty ambulances will be offered in non-armored versions, however armored versions will be available upon request.

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