Client Testimonial - Sentinel Armored Rescue Vehicle (ARV)

Client Testimonial – Sentinel Armored Rescue Vehicle (ARV)

The unit is fantastic and surrounding agencies are coming from all around to take a look at it. They are definitely happy to see this at our disposal within our County.

Lieutenant M., Police Department, Arizona

Client Testimonial – IAG Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

Back in September 2021, I contacted IAG concerning the need for an armored vehicle for my boss. We took possession of the IAG armored Toyota Land Cruiser in November 2021. On February 2, 2022, that armored Land Cruiser saved my boss’ life and the life of his wife. The evening of February 2, 2022, 5 armed men attempted to kidnap him and his wife. Because of the safety and security of the IAG Land Cruiser, he was able to escape even as the men fired upon the vehicle. Both him and his wife survived and were physically unharmed during the incident. IAG’s authorized in-country service center was also able to fully repair and restore the Land Cruiser back to its original working order and protective level.

Thank you. I will be forever grateful that we were able to connect and that you were able to help us.

Danny D., VP/Executive Director

Guardian Prisoner Transport Vehicle

Delivery Success – National Police Unit, South America

IAG successfully delivered a fleet of the all new Guardian Prisoner Transport Vehicle (PTV) to the National Police Unit of an undisclosed country in South America. The Guardian PTVs have been declared an essential addition to the National Police’s fleet of armored vehicles where they will play a major role in the safe, humane and secure transportation of prisoners between facilities and secured drop off locations.

Client Testimonial – Sentinel Armored Rescue Vehicle (ARV)

I have been driving and testing out the Sentinel ARV for the last couple of days. I love the truck and would not even hesitate on making it my daily driver. (I know it’s not practical but it drives that good). Thank you for providing us with a system that is going to be great for our agency and also for being so helpful with the customer service. “Stay Safe” !

Sheriff, County Sheriff’s Office, Nevada.

sentinel arv new

Delivery Success – Sentinel Armored Rescue Vehicle

IAG is proud to announce the unveiling of the all new Sentinel Armored Rescue Vehicle (ARV). Re-designed specifically for tactical response teams, the Sentinel ARV is a perfect solution with a great overall functionality in the event of a rapid deployment. The vehicle can be outfitted with a large variety of equipment such as hydraulic ram, gas insertion equipment, 360 degree surveillance system, thermal and night vision capability, LRAD, ATF approved storage and much more.  Due to its functionality, handling, superior design and an abundance of features, the Sentinel ARV was the vehicle of choice for this Police agency in Florida.

This product is available for Grant Assistance. Please contact us today for more information.

armored ambulance fleet

Delivery Success – Armored Ambulance Fleet

IAG is proud to support humanitarian efforts and provide the necessary protection and peace of mind to the front line workers selflessly putting their lives at risk daily in order to help others. IAG was commissioned to manufacture over 100 armored ambulances equipped with specialized medical equipment for this client. The timelines were very demanding and despite worldwide supply chain issues due to COVID-19 and the Suez Canal, we were able to deliver as promised.

guardian xtreme fleet

Delivery Success – Guardian Xtreme MRAPs, Africa

Guardian Xtreme Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicles manufactured in IAG’s European facility were flown via air cargo to a nation in West Africa. The Guardian Xtreme MRAPs were the primary choice for the Army in the ongoing process to bolster the armed force’s land warfare requirements in the region.

Delivery Success – National Security Services, Europe

IAG successfully delivered a fleet of Guardian Armored Personnel Carriers to the National Security Services in Europe. The Guardian APCs will be used by teams of elite special operations institutions across the continent with the sole purpose of ensuring public order and national security. The highly trained personnel of this outfit provide the region’s security services with the added advantage to respond to emergencies and ensure the safety of their people. The IAG Guardian APCs are centre to the National Security Service’s specialized and armored vehicles fleet.

iag nasa sentinel arv

Client Testimonial – Kennedy Space Center, NASA

You guys are truly awesome! The Sentinel is perfect. I cannot thank you enough.

Emergency Response Team Commander | Kennedy Space Center | NASA.


Ethiad Airways_CIT delivery success

Delivery Success – Etihad Airways

International Armored Group delivered state-of-the-art armored vehicles to Etihad Security Logistics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Etihad Airways. These armored vehicles are equipped with the latest mobile security technology, including improved monitoring and tracking solutions, as well as top of the line CCTV and vehicle monitoring.  The addition of the IAG vehicles to Etihad’s fleet further cements the company’s position as the partner of choice for cash and valuables logistics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Managing Director | Etihad Secure Logistics

GSA Schedule

IAG proud to announce GSA Contract

IAG is proud to announce that on September 11th 2018, INTERNATIONAL ARMORED GROUP US, INC. was successfully awarded GSA Contract No. 47QSWA18D009L under GSA Schedule 84.


Delivery Success – UNIFIL

IAG Guardian Xtreme APCs were successfully deployed in support of the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Lebanon headed by UNIFIL. UNIFIL has around 10,500 peacekeepers coming from 41 troop contributing countries. The Mission maintains an intensive level of operational and other activities amounting to approximately 13,500 activities per month, day and night, in the area of operations.  The IAG Guardian Xtreme APCs are supporting the operations of MALBATT 850 and were also a major part of a ceremony headed by the Honorary Minister of Defence of Malaysia.

We are honored to be supporting yet another United Nations Peacekeeping Mission. | UNIFIL

driver training success

Driver Training – Turkish Government Foreign Missions

IAG hosted and delivered an extensive drivers’ training course at our designated UAE facility to Turkish Government Foreign Missions drivers.  A total of 17 drivers from 17 different missions were trained on VR7 armor properties, daily vehicle checks and maintenance, 4X4 options and precision driving.  All students received a certificate of successful completion and IAG looks forward to hosting additional mission drivers in the future.

drug police force

Delivery Success – Drug Police Force

IAG manufactured and delivered a few dozen Guardian Armored Personnel Carriers to an international Drug Police Force.  As part of the contract IAG had to provide full driver, service and maintenance training at the destination country to 100 personnel who use the Guardian APCs on daily basis.  Despite language barriers, with the help of our knowledgeable instructors and translators, all 100 students completed the week-long course with flying colours and received a certificate of completion.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Public Security and the host nation for their hospitality and we look forward to our future collaboration.

armored vehicles

Client Testimonial – International Organization for Migration

The armored vehicles have arrived  in good order and I want to thank you for your dedication and professionalism. It was a successful venture whose success is based also on your care.  I have already recommended IAG and yourself to our central procurement unit, as well as, to our Security unit and I hope that more orders will come your way.

International Organization for Migration (IOM)


Delivery Success – Clearwater Police Department

We presented our armored tactical van this morning to the Chief and Major Gandy. They were both very impressed and are very pleased with the end result of the entire experience with you and IAG.   We use the armored van on a daily basis and we have carried out countless operations. It has proven to be an invaluable asset to our department.

SWAT Captain | Clearwater PD

malaysian armed forces

Delivery Success – Malaysian Armed Forces

IAG is proud to announce yet another successful delivery to the Malaysian Armed Forces. We welcomed the delegation to our facility in the UAE where they were able to get familiar with the operation of the Guardian APCs they acquired from us. In the full day event, the delegation attended a familiarization course, service and maintenance tutorial and conducted various driving tests. The visit was concluded with a full facility tour and demonstration of IAG’s capabilities and product range.

We look forward to working with the Malaysian Armed Forces in the future and continuing our relationship.

Armored Bus

Delivery Success – UNAMI

The UNAMI Transport Team and International Armored Group worked very hard to produce a concept followed by a prototype of an Armored Bus (what we call now the “Hippo”). UNAMI gave their ideas for functionality to IAG and in turn IAG designed and produced the first set of armored buses – Hippos. It was an excellent example of cooperation between the vendor and the UN, to produce these buses. For this I would like to thank International Armoured Group. With their help we also got our first armoured ambulance built on a commercial chassis. This was once again a master piece of improvisation. The achievement of the two goals above allowed UNAMI to be self-sufficient when the Multinational Forces withdrew from Iraq in 2011.

Chief Transport Officer | United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

Sentinel XL

Client Testimonial – Minnesota State Patrol

The product you offer is truly one of a kind, custom build machine. Law Enforcement needs are much different than the needs of the military or civilian security contractors.

Having your product and the flexibility with all of the electronics installed that you offered us has been nothing short of outstanding (it’s the Minnesota model, remember!) I hope you and your crew are proud of the vehicle that was built for us. It is just like insurance, when you do need it you want the best.

The Sentinel XL will save someone’s life someday – either an officer’s or a civilian’s that was able to be rescued safely.

Director of Fleet and Asset Management | Minnesota State Patrol

client focused

Client Testimonial – UNMAS

Your response to my initial enquiry was swift, helpful and client focused and I compliment you on the way you have been informing me in such a useful manner. It is most appreciated. Sadly, these days, it is rare to find someone as client focused as you . Congratulations to you, and IAG 🙂

Programme Manager | UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS)


Client Testimonial – ARL Risk Management

ARL Risk Management has been supporting the Government of Japan with armored vehicles since 2005. In 2015, ARL Risk Management made the executive decision to switch our purchasing of B6 armored Toyota Landcruisers to IAG. Our decision was taken due to the noticeable difference in quality and built of the IAG armored products compared to other companies providing similar products. Not only  IAG provides superior quality  but their international network of offices and agents allow ARL to provide full service support to the armored TLCs currently in service with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I would certainly recommend IAG to any organization looking to purchase armored vehicles for the protection of their personnel and critical assets.

ARL Risk Management

Sentinel XL Tactical Response Vehicle

Delivery Success – Minnesota State Patrol

We put the Sentinel XL Tactical Response Vehicle through its paces two weeks ago during a three-day training event. It handled very well in the snow and cold weather. We were particularly impressed with the ability to move through deep snow that was up past the front bumper in spots. The truck was in 4-high and moved through it with ease.

Investigative Services Section | Minnesota State Patrol

high quality armored vehicles

Client Testimonial – Control Risks

For the past 3 years, International Armored Group has supplied high quality armored vehicles to support our operations. We have found each lAG armored vehicle to be very reliable. Proper care has been taken by International Armored Group to ensure all required mechanical and electrical components are sufficiently reinforced and/or upgraded for our operational needs. Combined with their excellent after-sales service, the extra effort has helped our company minimize maintenance costs and down times.

We highly recommend International Armored Group to be your supplier for armored vehicles.

Commercial Logistics Manager | Control Risks

B6 TLC fleet

Client Testimonial – Falcon Group

Since the summer of 2010, Falcon Group has used International Armored Group’s CEN B6 armored Toyota Land Cruisers daily to transport our core group of engineers among our project sites. Having recently passed 70,000km of use in the harsh operating conditions in Iraq, Falcon Group has not encountered any problems with the vehicles and is proud to endorse IAG as a high quality manufacturer of armored vehicles.

Unlike many other companies that sell armored vehicles, IAG was able to provide a “true” CEN B6 armored Land Cruiser that incorporated multi-hit protection, 39mm ballistic glass and multi-hit protection 6.5mm ballistic steel. Their dedication to addressing the smaller details is also commended, such as the incorporation of billeted steel door hinges to ensure the doors never sag and extensive upgrades to the suspension and brake systems that offer a good balance between ride comfort, drivability and durability. Flacon can truly say we have lower operating costs with our fleet of IAG vehicles versus other armored car companies we have used in the past, mainly due to the better suspension systems IAG engineers and installs.

Falcon Group is extremely satisfied with the purchase of IAG CEN B6 armored Land Cruiser and would recommend prospective buyers to consider IAG as their supplier.

General Manager | Falcon Group