Client Testimonial – Falcon Group

B6 TLC fleet

Since the summer of 2010, Falcon Group has used International Armored Group’s CEN B6 armored Toyota Land Cruisers daily to transport our core group of engineers among our project sites. Having recently passed 70,000km of use in the harsh operating conditions in Iraq, Falcon Group has not encountered any problems with the vehicles and is proud to endorse IAG as a high quality manufacturer of armored vehicles.

Unlike many other companies that sell armored vehicles, IAG was able to provide a “true” CEN B6 armored Land Cruiser that incorporated multi-hit protection, 39mm ballistic glass and multi-hit protection 6.5mm ballistic steel. Their dedication to addressing the smaller details is also commended, such as the incorporation of billeted steel door hinges to ensure the doors never sag and extensive upgrades to the suspension and brake systems that offer a good balance between ride comfort, drivability and durability. Flacon can truly say we have lower operating costs with our fleet of IAG vehicles versus other armored car companies we have used in the past, mainly due to the better suspension systems IAG engineers and installs.

Falcon Group is extremely satisfied with the purchase of IAG CEN B6 armored Land Cruiser and would recommend prospective buyers to consider IAG as their supplier.

General Manager | Falcon Group