The IAG Tactical Entry System is specially designed to meet the requirements of Special Forces, Police, SWAT teams, Hostage Rescue Units (HRU), Counter Terrorist Forces, First Responders and various other tactical units within the military, law enforcement and emergency response worldwide. This versatile system can be designed as per client requirements, allowing tactical forces to access buildings, aircrafts, trains, buses and various other elevated targets to aid in hostage rescue, tactical missions, emergency evacuation, troop deployment and many other scenarios providing a serious tactical advantage during high-risk operations.

The tactical entry system is designed for quick and easy configuration onto a vehicle and comes with a safety railing and a multi angle extension ramp that allows fully kitted tactical officers to enter and exit rescue scenarios and high-risk zones.  Additional options include a fast rope system, ladder gantry, universal bridge, ladder turntable, trailer and more.

The IAG tactical elevated systems can be configured for integration onto suitable soft skin vehicles, as well as, armored vehicles such as pick up trucks, large vans and SUVs. They can also be integrated into larger tactical armored vehicles such as the Guardian and Jaws APCs and MRAPs.